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Almighty Allah

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Allah is the one and only God who is revered by Muslims throughout the world. He is an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving creator of the universe. Allah is said to be eternally perfect and unmatched in His ability to bring about justice, mercy, and peace. The name “Allah" carries with it a great responsibility for Muslims to adhere to His teachings, guidance, and commandments as set forth in the Quran

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  • What does “Allah" mean?

    The term “Allah” comes from the Arabic word for “God” or “The God” which implies a single deity rather than multiple gods that some other cultures may have believed in.

    How did Islam come to believe in Allah?

    Islamic belief holds that Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel who revealed to him the words of Allah contained in the Quran. These revelations were eventually compiled into what today we know as the Muslim scripture

    How do Muslims show their devotion to Allah?

    Devotion to Allah is expressed through five pillars of faith - testimony of faith; prayer; charity; fasting during Ramadan; and hajj (pilgrimage) for those who are able - as well as many other acts of worship such as contemplation and recitation of Quran verses.

    Does Islam allow non-Muslims to believe in Allah?

    Absolutely! In fact, Islam encourages people from all faiths and backgrounds to learn more about Allah's message of love and compassion. However, non-Muslims should note that certain practices such as taking part in Islamic prayers or fasting during Ramadan are mandatory for Muslims only.

    Is there another name for Allah?

    In various parts of the world, people use different names for God including Yahweh, Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai among many others. But these names ultimately point towards one universal divine being - Allah.

    So while there are many interpretations of who or what exactly is meant when people say ‘Allah', it is important to remember that whatever perspective you take on this subject matter will not change His power nor our obligation towards Him - i.e., submission. Whether or not we choose to accept this fact remains up to each individual but understanding its implications form an integral part of leading a life according to Islamic principles and teachings.


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