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Amazon Interview Questions Bank

By Hafsa Binte Omar

This Amazon Interview Questions Bank is a collection of commonly asked questions by employers during Amazon interviews. It includes both general and technical questions to help job seekers prepare for the hiring process. The questions are divided into categories, such as programming, databases, operations and engineering. By researching these topics beforehand, you can increase your chances of success in the interview.

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  • What type of experience do you have with Amazon Web Services?

    I have extensive experience working with AWS products including EC2, S3 and RDS. I have deployed web applications and servers on AWS platforms as well as managed user authentication and access control to resources within an organization's cloud environment.

    What challenges did you face when using AWS?

    One challenge I faced while using AWS was managing the costs associated with running multiple instances in different regions. To address this issue, I created scripts that would automatically shut down idle or unused instances so that unnecessary costs could be avoided.

    How did you troubleshoot issues related to Amazon Web Services?

    When troubleshooting issues related to AWS services, I typically first review code for any potential bugs or errors before looking at the service logs or server configuration settings. If needed, I also consult the official Amazon Web Services support documentation to gain further insight into potential solutions.

    How comfortable are you working in a Linux environment?

    I am very comfortable working in a Linux environment as I have been doing so for over five years now. Whether it is managing users/groups/files or configuring system services such as cron jobs, firewalls etc., I know my way around Linux distributions quite well and can quickly adapt to new versions or systems as needed.

    : Overall, this Amazon Interview Questions Bank has provided guidance on what topics may be covered during the hiring process at Amazon. From general work experience to specific technical skills proficiency, having a good grasp of these concepts should make preparing for an interview much easier.


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