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American Express Credit Card Bangladesh

By Hafsa Binte Omar

American Express Credit Card in Bangladesh offers a wide range of rewards and benefits for its customers. With an American Express Credit Card, customers can enjoy exclusive access to travel, dining, entertainment and shopping benefits all around the world. This card is perfect for customers who want a premium experience when they make purchases.

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1. Credit Cards, Rewards & Business Services | Amex Bangladesh
Welcome to American Express Bangladesh, provider of world-class Charge and ... now avail exciting cashback offers and many more with your CityMaxx card!

9. City Bank
City BankThe sole franchisee of American Express® in Bangladesh ... Forms · Price Sensitive Information · Request for Proposal · Credit Card Customer Service ...

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  • What types of rewards do I get with an American Express Credit Card?

    American Express Credit Cards offer customers access to various rewards and benefits such as travel discounts, cash back, air miles and other loyalty programs. Customers can also benefit from priority check-in at airports, complimentary access to special events and discounts at select stores.

    Is there an annual fee for using an American Express Credit Card?

    Yes, there is an annual fee associated with each type of American Express Credit Card depending on the benefits you choose. The fees vary depending on the type of card but they typically range from $95 - $450 annually.

    How long does it take to receive my statement every month?

    Your statement cycle is unique to your account and specific American Express Credit Card type but is generally within 25 days after billing cycle ends each month. Statements will be emailed or sent in monthly mailers depending on customer preference.

    Can I transfer balances from other credit cards onto my American Express Card?

    Yes, you can transfer any balance from another credit card onto your American Express Credit Card for a small balance transfer fee that varies by card type. However, it’s important to note that balance transfers must occur within 90 days of opening your account.

    The American Express Credit Card in Bangladesh offers a wide array of rewards and benefits for customers who wish to have an enhanced experience when making purchases with their credit card. Customers can enjoy various rewards such as air miles, cashback rewards and other loyalty programs with their card membership as well as transferring balances from other cards onto their Amex Accounts. With this card in hand customers are sure to get the best out of every purchase they make!


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