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Ameris Bank Columbia Sc

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Ameris Bank Columbia SC is a financial institution that provides a wide range of banking and other services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. The bank operates throughout the US, but its headquarters are in Columbia, South Carolina. It offers online banking, traditional brick-and-mortar branches in numerous states across America, and various loan options as well.

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1. Ameris Bank | AL, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, TN, VA Bank | Banking | Loans
Ameris Bank | AL, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, TN, VA Bank | Banking | LoansAmeris Bank in AL, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, TN and VA offers valuable personal banking, business banking and loan solutions. Explore our offerings online.

4. Ameris Bank Locations in Columbia, South Carolina | Mortgage ...
Ameris Bank Locations in Columbia, South Carolina | Mortgage ...Find An Ameris Bank Location in Columbia. With nearly 300 branches across AL, FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, TN and VA you can find an Ameris Bank office in a ...

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  • What services does Ameris Bank Columbia SC provide?

    Ameris Bank Columbia SC offers individual and business banking services including checking accounts with mobile deposits, savings accounts with competitive interest rates, credit cards with rewards programs, mortgages loans, auto loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), personal and commercial lending options to meet your specific needs. Additionally the bank provides wealth management solutions such as Investment advisory services to assist you with meeting your financial goals.

    Is Ameris Bank Columbia SC open during the pandemic?

    Yes! Ameris Bank Columbia SC has implemented safety protocols at all their branches so customers can continue to access their banking services while remaining safe. All locations are open during regular business hours for in-person visits but customers are encouraged to use online banking for their convenience whenever possible.

    Does Ameris Bank offer any small business loans or grants?

    Yes! Ameris Bank offers several funding options for small businesses of all sizes including SBA7(a) loans which allow up to $5 million dollars in financing as long as you meet certain eligibility criteria. Additionally they provide Small Business Grants which are offered on a first come first serve basis through state economic development agencies and other types of grant opportunities that may be available depending on your specific business needs.

    As a full service financial institution offering competitive rates and convenient digital services, Ameris Bank puts its customers' needs first when it comes to managing finances and meeting their financial goals. Whether you’re an individual or small business looking for help managing finances or finding funding solutions - the experienced team at Ameris Bank will be there to help every step of the way!


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