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Amex Bangladesh

By Hafsa Binte Omar

American Express (Amex) is a financial services corporation. It operates in over 150 countries around the world, including Bangladesh. Amex provides credit cards and other personal finance solutions to individuals and businesses. With its presence in Bangladesh, Amex members can enjoy the convenience of global payments and secure access to their financial accounts.

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1. Credit Cards, Rewards & Business Services | Amex Bangladesh
Welcome to American Express Bangladesh, provider of world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Rewards, Business Services and more.

2. Amex Gold
Amex GoldEnjoy up to 20% amazing savings from all the nominated sales outlets of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Biman Holidays and at: Offer valid ...

9. Live the World with American Express®
Live the World with American Express®... whether it's dining with your loved ones or winding down with a relaxing staycation. Stay, Shop, Eat or Do — we've got your back. Bangladesh. Cambodia.

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  • How can I get an Amex credit card in Bangladesh?

    To apply for an Amex credit card in Bangladesh, you will need to present valid identification documents such as your passport or national identity card. You will also need to fill out an application form with information regarding your income, occupation and other details. Once your application is approved, you will be issued an Amex credit card with terms specific to Bangladesh.

    Is there any limitation on using my Amex credit card in Bangladesh?

    Yes, like in any country where Amex operates, there are certain limitations when using your Amex card in Bangladesh. Your purchases may be limited based on the terms of your account agreement as well as local regulations and market conditions. You should always check with your issuer for specific details about these limitations before making purchases or transactions.

    What kind of rewards does my Amex Credit Card offer in Bangladesh?

    Depending on the type of card you have, you may be eligible for different types of rewards programs offered by your issuer in Bangladesh. These could include cashback rewards, discounts on dining and entertainment, lounge access at airports and more. Be sure to check with your issuer for details about which rewards program applies for you.

    Are there any fees associated with having an AmEx Credit Card in Bangladesh?

    Yes, there are certain fees associated with having an American Express Credit Card in Bangladesg such as annual fees or late payment fees that may apply depending on the terms of your account agreement and local regulations and practices..

    American Express provides Bangladeshi customers with access to convenient global payments while still upholding responsible lending practices tailored to each individual account holder’s situation. Through understanding the relevant faqs it’s clear that being an American Express member comes with a variety of benefits that can be enjoyed both within Bangladesh and worldwide when travelling abroad or making cross-border purchases online.


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