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Ancillary Health Insurance

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Ancillary health insurance is a type of health insurance designed to provide extra coverage for medical expenses not covered by other types of health plans. This type of health plan helps cover additional costs, such as special treatments or services that are not covered by traditional healthcare plans, like out-of-network doctor visits or prescriptions drugs. Ancillary health insurance is a great way to ensure you are protected against unexpected medical costs.

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  • What types of services does ancillary health insurance cover?

    Ancillary health insurance typically covers things like out-of-network doctor visits, prescriptions drugs, emergency room visits, co-pays and coinsurance.

    Is ancillary health insurance expensive?

    The cost of ancillary health insurance will depend on the specific plan you choose and the benefits included in it. Generally speaking, it is usually less expensive than major medical policies.

    Who should consider ancillary health coverage?

    People who have gaps in their existing healthcare coverage would likely benefit from purchasing an ancillary policy. It can also be beneficial for those who don’t qualify for major medical due to pre-existing conditions or those who never had coverage before and want extra protection with more flexible benefits than standard major medical plans offer.

    Ancillary health insurance is a great way to supplement your existing healthcare coverage and provide additional protections for unexpected medical costs. Talk to your financial advisor about different options available to see if this type of plan makes sense for you.


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