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Anjuman Mufidul Islam

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Anjuman Mufidul Islam is a public charity organization that works to support Islam in Bangladesh. The organization was founded in 1895 by Maulana Abdul Latif Bhuiyan. It has grown to become one of the largest Islamic organizations in Bangladesh and provides support for various aspects of Islamic culture and social welfare.

Anjuman Mufidul Islam
Table Of Content:

1. Anjuman Mufidul Islam: Home
Anjuman Mufidul Islam: HomeAnjuman Mufidul Islam is a Bangladeshi welfare organisation specially designed to enrich the livelihood of orphans and the distressed.Serving poorest of the ...

2. Anjuman Mufidul Islam - Wikipedia
Anjuman Mufidul Islam - WikipediaAnjuman Mufidul Islam ... Anjuman Mufidul Islam (Bengali: আঞ্জুমান মফিদুল ইসলাম Beneficial Assembly of Islam) is a Bangladeshi welfare  ...

9. Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Calcutta
Anjuman Mufidul Islam, CalcuttaWith its diverse activities in the fields of education, medical , vocational & relief services to the poor, needy & downtrodden people of Calcutta & its neighbourhood, ...

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  • What services does Anjuman Mufidul Islam offer?

    Anjuman Mufidul Islam provides a range of services including education, healthcare, financial assistance, shelter, recreation, cultural preservation and promotion, and more.

    How long has Anjuman Mufidul Islam been operating?

    Anjuman Mufidul Islam has been operating since 1895 when it was founded by Maulana Abdul Latif Bhuiyan.

    What is the main goal of Anjuman Mufidul Islam?

    The main goal of Anjuman Mufidul Islam is to support and promote the practice of Islamic culture and values in Bangladesh.

    How does Anjuman Mufidul Islam provide assistance to members of society?

    Through its various initiatives, Anjuman Mufidul Islam provides assistance primarily through educational access, health care services, financial aid programs, recreational activities, cultural preservation and promotion initiatives, as well as more.

    Where can I find more information about Anjuman Mufidul Islam?

    More information about Anjuman Mufidul Islam can be found on its official website or by contacting the organization directly.

    Anjuman Mufidul Islam is an important charitable organization that works towards supporting and promoting Islamic culture and values in Bangladesh. The organization offers a variety of services ranging from education to healthcare to financial assistance. With over 125 years of service and dedication to the community it serves, it continues to make a positive impact on Bangladeshi society.


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