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Arkansas Dental Insurance

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Arkansas dental insurance is a type of health insurance specifically designed for people living in Arkansas. It helps individuals and families cover the costs of needed dental care from preventative services to more significant treatments. Arkansas dental insurance plans can help reduce the number of out-of-pocket expenses for routine preventive care, such as teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, X-rays, and other procedures.

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10. Dental Coverage | Human Resources | University of Arkansas
Dental Coverage | Human Resources | University of ArkansasThe University of Arkansas dental plan, administrated by Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, covers basic dental exams, restorative care, cleaning services, ...

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  • What types of Arkansas dental insurance are available?

    The types of Arkansas dental insurance available vary, depending on the insurer and plan. Generally speaking, there are three common types of coverage available: managed care plans (e.g., HMOs), traditional indemnity plans (sometimes called fee-for-service), and discount plans. In addition, some employers offer group plans that cover all employees at no additional cost to them.

    What does Arkansas dental insurance typically cover?

    Coverage varies by plan and insurer, but most Arkansas dental plans will provide coverage for routine preventive services such as regular teeth cleanings and X-rays; minor restorative services such as fillings; and major restorative services such as crowns or root canals. Some plans may also provide coverage for orthodontics or periodontal treatments if deemed medically necessary by your dentist.

    Can I see any dentist with my Arkansas dental insurance?

    That depends on which type of plan you have. With managed care plans (e.g., HMOs) you’ll need to select an in-network provider to receive full coverage; with traditional indemnity or discount plans you’ll generally be able to choose any licensed dentist in your area. However, it’s always best to check with your insurance company first to make sure they cover the services provided by your chosen dentist.

    Does Arkansas dental insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

    Most Arkansas Medicaid policies do not cover aesthetic dentistry procedures such as tooth whitening and veneers, but some private insurers may include it under their policies. Again, always check with your provider first before scheduling any procedures you would like covered under your policy.

    How much does Arkansa dental insurance cost?

    The cost of an Arkansa dental insurance plan will vary depending on the type/level of coverage purchased and how many people are covered under the plan. Premiums typically range from $50 - $100 per month per person for basic coverage up to several hundred dollars for higher levels of coverage that include more extensive benefits packages.

    Arkansas Dental Insurance is a great way for individuals and families living in Arkansas to ensure they receive the quality oral healthcare they need without breaking their budgets due to costly out-of-pocket expenses associated with preventive or restorative treatments or procedures. No matter what type or level of coverage an individual needs, there’s likely an Arkansas Dental Insurance plan that offers just what they need at an affordable rate so they can get the smile they deserve!


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