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Auto Loan Rates Georgia

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Auto loan rates in Georgia vary based on various factors, such as credit score, loan amount, and type of vehicle. Georgia auto loan rates can range from very competitive to more expensive than the national average. It's important to shop around and compare different lenders to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Table Of Content:

1. Loan Rates - CU of Georgia
Loan Rates - CU of GeorgiaNew Vehicle Loans ; 0-36 months, as low as 4.04%**, $29.60 per $1,000 ; 37-48 months, as low as 4.34%**, $22.78 per $1,000 ; 49-60 months, as low as 4.64%** ...

4. Auto Loans | Georgia United Credit Union
Auto Loans | Georgia United Credit UnionIn the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, or looking to refinance an existing auto loan? Georgia United has low competitive rates!

8. Auto Loans | New & Used Car Financing | Auto Loan Calculator
Auto Loans | New & Used Car Financing | Auto Loan CalculatorJan 7, 2023 ... Please do not click on suspicious links from texts that appear to be from Georgia's Own and be vigilant about providing information when ...

10. Auto Loan Rates | MembersFirst Credit Union - A Georgia Credit ...
Auto Loan Rates | MembersFirst Credit Union - A Georgia Credit ...Auto Loan Rates ; 36 Months, as low as 4.00% ; 48 Months, as low as 4.25% ; 60 Months, as low as 4.50% ; 61 – 72 Months, as low as 5.50% ; 73 – 84 Months, as low as ...

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  • What is considered a good auto loan rate in Georgia?

    The average auto loan rate in Georgia is around 3-4%. A rate below the average is considered good, though the lowest rates are usually reserved for those with excellent credit scores.

    Does my credit score affect my auto loan rate in Georgia?

    Yes, your credit score will influence your auto loan rate in Georgia. Those with higher credit scores typically qualify for lower rates than those with lower credit scores.

    Are there additional fees associated with an auto loan in Georgia?

    Yes, most lenders charge additional fees such as origination or processing fees along with taxes and title registration fees when obtaining an auto loan in Georgia.

    How long can I finance an auto purchase through a lender in Georgia?

    Most lenders offer financing options between 24-84 months depending on the type of vehicle being purchased and other factors such as credit history and down payment size.

    Shopping around for the best auto loan rates can help you save money over time and potentially make financing your vehicle purchase more affordable. With so many lenders offering loans throughout the state of Georgia, finding a competitive rate should not be difficult if you have a decent credit score or are willing to put down a significant down payment.


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