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Auto Loan Rates San Diego

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Auto loan rates in San Diego are generally competitive when compared to other markets. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced car owner, there are likely a number of deals available for you. Finding the best option from various lenders can be tricky; it pays to shop around and compare different loan offers.

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1. Auto Loan Rates San Diego | Refinance Your Car Loan | SDCCU
Vehicle Loan Rates & Terms ; Used Auto 2019-2024, 5.49%, 5.74%, 6.49%, 7.29% ; Used Auto 2018, 5.49%, 5.74%, 6.49%, - ; Used Auto 2014-2017, 5.49%, 5.74%, -, - ...

2. Car Loans | Mission Fed Credit Union, San Diego
Finance Your Next Car With Us ; 6.17%, 49 - 66, 2019 and newer ; 6.27%, 67 - 75, 2019 and newer ; 6.77%, 76 - 78, 2019 and newer ; 7.27%, 79 - 84, 2019 and newer ...

3. San Diego Auto Loans & Motorcycle Loans | Apply Online | SDCCU
San Diego Auto Loans & Motorcycle Loans | Apply Online | SDCCUA minimum $25,000 loan amount is required for terms greater than 78 months. ... 84 monthly payments of $15.84 per $1,000 borrowed at 8.39% fixed APR on 2018 or ...

5. Other Vehicle Loan Rates | California Coast Credit Union
Other Vehicle Loan Rates | California Coast Credit UnionFor 4 years (48 months) at 6.88% APR estimated monthly payment is $23.91 per $1,000 borrowed. For 5 1/2 years (66 months) at 7.38% APR estimated monthly payment ...

7. Auto Loan Rates | California Coast Credit Union
Auto Loan Rates | California Coast Credit UnionAuto Loans - Model Years 2019 and Newer ; Up to 29 Months, 4.48%, Fixed ; 30 to 36 Months, 5.78%, Fixed ; 37 to 48 Months, 5.98%, Fixed ; 49 to 66 Months, 6.08% ...

8. Auto Loans & Vehicle Financing | California & North Island Credit ...
Auto Loans & Vehicle Financing | California & North Island Credit ...It pays to be a credit union member—especially when you're in the market for an auto loan. Take advantage of our competitive auto rates as low as 4.99% APR ...

9. Auto Loan Rates | Security Service
Auto Loan Rates | Security ServiceSecurity Service Federal Credit Union offers competitive auto loan rates in ... in one of our service areas, the rates will default to San Antonio rates.

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  • What Factors Determine Auto Loan Rates?

    Lenders generally consider credit score, loan term length, and vehicle type when assessing auto loan rates. A borrower’s credit score will have the most significant impact on their interest rate.

    Is it Better to Finance Through the Dealership?

    Not necessarily. Though dealerships often have access to certain manufacturer incentives, they typically won’t provide borrowers with the same level of competitive interest rates as independent lenders or banks. It pays to compare offers and choose wisely before signing any documents.

    Are Low Interest Rate Loans Different from Zero Percent Offers?

    Yes, zero percent financing offers generally involve special promotional incentives provided by a dealership or the manufacturer of the vehicle. The terms and conditions regarding these offers usually vary depending on your creditworthiness and other factors. On the other hand, low-interest rate loans are typically more common than zero percent offers and involve more traditional lending terms from private institutions like banks and credit unions.

    Are There Different Types of Auto Loans Available?

    Yes – many lenders offer different types of auto loans with varying interest rates based on the type of vehicle you are looking at. In general, newer cars may come with lower rates while used vehicles may require higher interest payments due to associated depreciation costs.

    What is GAP Insurance?

    GAP insurance is an optional add-on that covers any difference between what is owed on an auto loan and what its actual estimated cash value is in case of an accident or theft event. Having this insurance is especially important if you’re purchasing a new car since depreciation costs can significantly lower its resale value in just a few years.

    Whether you’re buying a brand-new car or opting for a used model, shopping for competitive auto loan rates in San Diego can make all the difference in finding an affordable loan option that works for your budget over time. For more information about finding great deals for auto loans in San Diego, contact your local lender today!


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