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Aviation Insurance

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Aviation insurance is a form of insurance that covers the costs of legal actions and damages arising from the operation of aircrafts, including those used in commercial or private applications. The purpose of aviation insurance is to protect aircraft owners, operators, pilots and their passengers from potentially costly liabilities they may become liable for while flying.

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  • What activities are covered by aviation insurance?

    Aviation insurance covers the operation of aircrafts for both commercial and private purposes. This includes any potential damage inflicted on persons or property due to collision with or contact with an aircraft owned or operated by the insured party, legal fees resulting from aviation-related claims, as well as injuries sustained to passengers onboard an aircraft owned or operated by the insured party.

    Who pays for the premiums associated with aviation insurance?

    The cost associated with aviation insurance premiums varies depending on the amount of coverage needed and can be paid for by either an individual owner or operator of an aircraft, a corporation operating various aircraft for commercial purposes, or a group consisting of individuals and corporations operating one or more aircraft.

    Is there anything excluded from coverage under aviation insurance?

    Yes, there are certain activities that are not usually included in an aviation insurance policy such as war risks (including civil unrest), willfulness/recklessness while piloting an aircraft, intentional loss/damage to property caused by fault or negligence on behalf of the insured party, using non-approved parts/components in repairs/modifications to aircrafts owned and/or operated by the insured party, and failing to adhere to required maintenance procedures.

    Are there any other types of coverage available through aviation insurance policies?

    Yes, other types of coverage that may be available include liability protection against damages incurred during ground operations (including launching and landing); bodily injury coverage; physical damage coverage; third-party liability protection; hull war risk coverage; personal accident protection; medical payments for passengers injured onboard an insured flight; property damage liability protection; passenger liability protection; cargo liability protection; uninsured boater’s property damage liabilities; free fall parachute rider’s Liability Protection; rental car reimbursement benefits; flight instructor benefits; weather delays/cancellations protection; emergency medical evacuation services protection.

    Aviation insurance provides crucial financial security for all aspects of air travel including commercial air transportation, private air travel and all aerial related activities associated with flight operations. Whether you're a pilot flying solo or part of a larger corporate team operating multiple flights each day - having proper aerospace risk management is essential when it comes to protecting your interests both financially and legally should something unexpected occur while using your aircraft in flight operations.


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