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Balloon Mortgage Due And Cant Refinance

By Hafsa Binte Omar

A balloon mortgage is a type of mortgage loan where the entire balance is due and payable at the end of a predetermined period. This type of loan is generally only available to those with a good credit score and high financial standing, as lenders typically require full payment in order to approve the loan. Unfortunately, borrowers cannot refinance this kind of loan once it becomes due, as there are no provisions for such an option.

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  • What Is A Balloon Mortgage?

    A balloon mortgage is a type of loan that requires one large payment to be paid at the end of a predetermined period. It generally has lower interest rates than other types of loans but must be paid off in full at the end of its term.

    What Does It Mean When A Balloon Mortgage Becomes Due?

    When a balloon mortgage becomes due, it means that the entire remaining balance must be paid in full within the allotted timeframe. There is no option for refinancing or extending the loan term on this particular type of loan.

    Who Is Eligible For A Balloon Mortgage?

    Balloon mortgages are usually only available to those with excellent credit scores and financial standings who can prove they can make their payments on time and in full.

    What Are The Risks Of Taking Out A Balloon Mortgage?

    The primary risk associated with taking out a balloon mortgage is not being able to pay off the entire balance once it comes due. As there are no extra provisions for refinance or extension, missing this payment could result in extreme penalties or even foreclosure proceedings.

    While taking out a balloon mortgage may seem like an attractive option due to its lower interest rate, borrowers should carefully consider all possible risks before signing up for such an agreement. Lenders will not provide any options to refinance or extend repayment terms if they become unable to make payments when it comes due and are therefore putting their home at risk of foreclosure if payments cannot be made on time and in full.


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