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Banani Postal Code

By Hafsa Binte Omar

The Banani postcode is an administrative division of Bangladesh, a country in southeast Asia. It is specifically located in the Dhaka District and is also known as Postal Index Number (PIN). This postcode can be used to identify certain cities and towns located within the district.

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2. Banani, Dhaka Sadar, Dhaka, Dhaka: 1213 | Bangladesh Postcode ...
Banani, Dhaka Sadar, Dhaka, Dhaka: 1213 ... Banani, Dhaka Sadar, Dhaka, Dhaka is located in Bangladesh. Its zip code is 1213. Address and Postcode.

4. Banani Post Code - Postal zip code in Area
Find exclusive Banani area postal code Dhaka City. This most popular place in dhaka city for Discover university, bank, office, Food & Restaurants in Banani ...

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  • What is the Banani postal code?

    The Banani postcode is 1213, which identifies it as part of the Dhaka District of Bangladesh.

    What areas does this postcode cover?

    This postal code covers parts of the city of Dhaka, including Banani and Gulshan Thana.

    How can I use this postal code?

    You can use this postal code to send mail or packages to specific locations in Dhaka or components addressed to Banani or Gulshan thana.

    Is this postcode used outside of Dhaka?

    No, this postcode is only used within the district of Dhaka.

    The Banani postcode (1213) is an important administrative division for Bangladesh, where it is used to help identify different areas such as Banani and Gulshan Thana in Dhaka District. This information can be useful for sending mail or packages to specific locations.


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