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By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh, responsible for regulating the country's banking system and financial services. To ensure it can maintain its standards, it is constantly updating and adapting its processes. Recently, they have implemented a new format for CV’s that are submitted to them in response to job openings.

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  • What is the new format of the Bangladesh Bank CVs?

    The Bangladesh Bank now requires applicants to submit digital copies of their CV, following a specific template outlining their contact information, educational background and professional experience in a clear and concise manner.

    Is there any guidance on how to use the format correctly?

    Yes, detailed guidelines on how to fill out each section can be found on their website and should be followed in order to ensure your CV is accepted. These guidelines should also help applicants ensure all relevant information is included.

    Are attachments allowed with CVs?

    Yes, attachments such as cover letters or other supporting documents can be included with your CV when submitting but must be clearly labelled so that it can easily evaluated by recruiters.

    The updated format for CVs from Bangladesh Bank better allows recruiters to assess potential candidates against the skills required for a position quickly and easily. Following all the guidelines outlined by Bangladesh Bank will help ensure that your CV is accurate and complete so it stands out amongst possible applications.


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