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Bangladesh Bank Governor Name

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. It was established in 1972 and is responsible for issuing notes, regulating banking activities, and managing the government's foreign exchange reserves. The current Governor of Bangladesh Bank is Fazle Kabir. In this article, we will explain who Fazle Kabir is and how his appointment as the Governor of Bangladesh Bank came about. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Fazle Kabir's tenure as Governor.

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How the New York Fed fumbled over the Bangladesh Bank cyber-heistJul 21, 2016 ... When hackers tried to steal $1 billion from Bangladesh's central bank, the ... had the name Jupiter not formed part of the address of a Philippines bank where ... RESIGNED: Atiur Rahman, former governor of Bangladesh Bank, ...

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  • Who is Fazle Kabir?

    Fazle Kabir is the current Governor of Bangladesh Bank. He has been in this position since 2016 and is responsible for managing all aspects of Bangladesh Bank's operations. He previously served as Secretary to the Government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who appointed him Governor of Bangladesh Bank in 2016. He also held several other important positions at various ministries prior to his appointment as Governor.

    What qualifications does he have?

    Fazle Kabir holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Dhaka University and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Chittagong University. He also holds certificates from Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education programs such as Leadership Boot Camp and Principles for Public Management Leadership Programs among others.

    What are Fazle Kabir’s main achievements?

    During his tenure as Governor, Fazle Kabir has overseen a number of major economic reforms, including the establishment of a framework for credit rating agencies, financial inclusion initiatives like MFS product based on national ID card program, strengthening capital markets legislation, addressing vulnerabilities in cyber security infrastructure and operationalising NBR-Bangladesh Bank Automation Project (BBP). He has also worked tirelessly to ensure that Bangladeshi banks remain well-capitalized and resilient to shocks from external factors such as macroeconomic volatility or changes in global financial markets.

    How has he responded to COVID-19?

    To respond to the economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on small businesses, families and workers, Bangladesh Bank under direction from Governor Fazle Kabir introduced stimulus packages worth Tk 2 trillion with focus on providing working capital loans for businesses affected by COVID-19 closure orders to support them during this difficult period . Additionally, special steps were taken towards providing liquidity into several sectors including agro processing industry , textiles manufacturing , tourism , leather products etc.

    In conclusion it can be seen that since taking over as the governor of Bangladesh Bank in 2016, Mr. Fazle Kabir has overseen numerous reforms meant to strengthen both local banking systems as well as international ones through making sure that Bangladeshi Banks remain resilient against external shocks due to macroeconomic volatility or changes in global financial markets . His recent stimulus packages introduceda s response to Covid-19 pandemic are another testimony tot he effectiveness with which Mr .Kabir provided guidance during tough times .


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