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Bangladesh Bank Interest Rate

By Hafsa Binte Omar

The Bangladesh Bank Interest Rate is the rate of interest that the country’s central bank charges on its loans and advances to commercial banks. It plays an important role in influencing the level of economic activity in the economy by providing banks with an incentive to lend money.

Table Of Content:

3. Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh BankThe government of Bangladesh has announced the commemoration of ... Mr. Fazle Kabir Honorable Governor of Bangladesh Bank. more. ... Special Repo Rate.

5. Interest rates
End of period, Bank rate, Weighted Average Call Money Market Rates 2, Scheduled Banks Weighted Average Interest Rate 1, Spread. Borrowing, Lending ...

6. Calculator | Bangladesh Bank
Savings Account Calculator. Initial Amount (BDT):. Annual Interest Rate (%): Interest Calculated: Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly, Yearly. Calculate for Number:.

7. Weighted Average Rate of Interest on Deposits and Advances
Interest Rate Spread (Overall), Interest Rate Spread (Excl. Credit Card), Interest ... Sl No, Name of Banks, W. Avg. Deposits, W. Avg. Advances, Spread, W. Avg. ... 6, Bangladesh Development Bank Limited, 5.59, 5.55, -0.04, 5.59, 5.55, -0.04 ...

9. Economic data
Bangladesh Bank took another step forward in making its vast repository of data ... In addition to this summary data we also have detailed interest rate data by ...

10. Grameen Bank - Wikipedia
Grameen Bank - WikipediaThe interest rates charged by microfinance institutes including Grameen Bank is high compared to that of traditional banks; Grameen's interest (reducing ...

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  • Conclusion:
    The Bangladesh Bank Interest Rate is an important factor influencing economic activity in the country and should be taken into account while making decisions related to lending and investing activities by individuals and businesses alike due to its potential impact on cost or availability of funds at different points of time .


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