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Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond is a type of lottery bond which is regularly issued by the government of Bangladesh, with the purpose of investing money and raising funds for development projects. The bonds are sold and purchased similarly to normal securities, and those who purchase them stand to benefit from the prize money offered.

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9. 103rd Prize Bond Draw Result 2021-
103rd Prize Bond Draw Result 2021- 2, 2021 ... Check 103rd Prize Bond Draw Result 2021 at is the official website of Bangladesh Bank to check 103rd Prize Bond ...

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  • Who can purchase Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond?

    Any Bangladeshi citizen who is 18 years or older and has a valid National ID card can purchase these bonds.

    How much does each bond cost?

    Each bond costs BDT 100 (1 hundred Bangladeshi taka).

    What are the prizes offered in this bond scheme?

    There are three categories of prizes associated with this scheme - First Prize (75,000 BDT), Second Prize (25,000 BDT) and Third Prize (9,300 BDT).

    Bangladesh Bank Prize Bonds offer citizens a chance to both save and make money. They provide an easy way to invest money in the country's economy while also enjoying chances of winning up to 75,000 BDT in prize money.


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