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Bangladesh Bank Requirement

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. It is responsible for maintaining stability in the country's monetary and financial systems. The Bangladesh Bank has a number of requirements, such as those governing transactions with other countries, credit limits, foreign exchange facilities, and more. In this explainer we will look at some of the most important requirements of Bangladesh Bank.

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  • What are the requirements relating to transactions with other countries?

    Transactions between Bangladesh and other countries must comply with certain regulations laid down by Bangladesh Bank. These include limits on foreign currency exchange rates and transfer amounts. Additionally, documents proving the source of funds for foreign investments must be provided for examination by the bank before any transaction can proceed.

    What are the credit limits set by Bangladesh Bank?

    Bangladesh Bank sets limits on both short term and long term credit facilities availed from banks based in Bangladesh. Credit facilities include loans, overdrafts and guarantees granted to customers. The upper limit for short term credit is determined by a customer's total capital funds while long term credits are usually limited up to 50% of collateral value or 90% of loan amount whichever is lower.

    Are there restrictions on foreign exchange facilities?

    Yes, Bangladesh Bank has imposed various regulations related to foreign exchange facilities in order to promote stability in the economy and minimize money laundering risk. For example, all sales or remittances of foreign currencies require prior approval from the Central Bank while transfers exceeding $5,000 require evidence proving that the funds are sourced from legitimate sources. Furthermore, any attempt to manipulate or distort exchange rates is strictly prohibited.

    Understanding these requirements issued by Bangladesh Bank can help individuals and businesses ensure compliance when making transactions within or outside of the country. Overall, these measures help foster economic development while protecting customers from potential risks associated with international trade and finance sectors.


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