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Bangladesh Eye Hospital Dhaka

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Eye Hospital (BEH) located in the capital city Dhaka, is a voluntary non-profit organization providing comprehensive eye care services to all sorts of patients including service year round. Established since 1965, BEH has become one of the most reliable and advanced medical hospital for eye care in the country.

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1. Bangladesh Eye Hospital
Our Branches · Dhanmondi Branch. 78, Satmasjid Road (West of Road 27), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205 · Banani Branch. 138, Niharika Concord Tower (11th to 14th ...

3. Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute - Home | Facebook
Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute - Home | FacebookBangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute. Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh · 78 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi (7,723.12 mi) Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh, 1209.

6. Clinical Profile of Patients with Scleritis in Bangladesh
Clinical Profile of Patients with Scleritis in BangladeshAffiliations. 1 Department of Uvea, Uveitis Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2 Bangladesh Eye Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 3 Department of ...

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  • What type of services does Bangladesh Eye Hospital offer?

    Bangladesh Eye Hospital offers comprehensive eye care services ranging from diagnosis, treatment and surgery, to post-operative care and follow-up visits. This includes eye checkups, cataract surgeries, refractive surgeries, vitreo-retinopathies treatments and other types of specialized eye treatments.

    What are the facilities available at Bangladesh Eye Hospital?

    Bangladesh Eye Hospital provides a wide range of facilities including specialized ophthalmology clinics and operating theatres along with fully equipped ambulances and an onsite laboratory. The hospital also provides ancillary services such as spectacles testing centre, contact lens fitting and artificial eyes fitting units.

    What are the payment options at Bangladesh Eye Hospital?

    Patients can pay using cash or credit cards at the hospital premises or through bank transfer while monthly installments can be paid via cheque or standing order. All payments must be made prior to treatment commencing.

    Are there any charitable programs available at Bangladesh Eye Hospital?

    Yes, there are various charitable programs offered by Bangladesh Eye Hospital that helps provide affordable access to quality healthcare services for people in need. These programs include free cataract surgeries for those unable to afford them as well as free check ups for children aged 5 years old or younger.

    Does the hospital accept international patients?

    Yes, Bangladesh Eye Hospital is open to receive international patients who show valid travel documents upon arrival. The hospital will do its best to provide suitable assistance throughout the patient's visit but cannot guarantee appointments in advance due to high demand periodical peak periods.

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