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Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd (BGIC) is a leading insurance provider in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of services for individuals and businesses. The company strives to provide insurance policies that are tailored to meet the needs of their customers and provide financial protection against risks such as fires, floods, and accidents. BGIC is committed to being transparent about their policies and services and providing excellent customer service.

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  • What kind of insurance do you offer?

    BGIC offers comprehensive insurance solutions for both individuals and businesses. These include health, auto, life, home, travel, fire, marine cargo and liability policies. We also offer group life coverage plans for employers.

    What type of customer service do you offer?

    At BGIC our priority is providing exceptional customer service. Our staff can answer any questions you may have or explain any aspect of your policy in detail. We also have an easy-to-use online system where clients can access their policy information or make payments quickly and securely.

    How can I make a claim on my policy?

    To make a claim on your policy please contact our Claims Department either by phone or email with full details of the incident including date and time of occurrence as well as satisfactory proof that damage or loss has been incurred. We will then investigate the incident according to our claims procedure to determine if the claim is covered under your policy terms & conditions.

    Are there any restrictions on who can be insured with BGIC?

    In order to be eligible for coverage with BGIC all applicants must meet the underwriting requirements set out in the company’s Application Procedures manual which includes age limits, medical tests or evidence of good health depending on the type of cover being applied for.

    Is there an option to pay premiums monthly?

    Yes we offer payment options that allow customers to pay premiums monthly rather than having to pay a lump sum annually. To find out more please speak with one of our advisers who will be able to provide you with an estimate based on your individual circumstances.

    BGIC takes great pride in its commitment to providing comprehensive coverage solutions that meet the needs of all our customers while maintaining an excellent level of customer service through each stage from signup to making a claim. As part of this commitment we are continually looking for new ways to improve our products and services so that we can stay at the forefront of innovation in Bangladesh's insurance sector.


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