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Bangladesh Map Thana Wise

By Hafsa Binte Omar

This Bangladesh map thana wise illustrates the administrative divisions of Bangladesh and is useful for determining which district, upazila, and union a certain area belongs to. This can be especially helpful when referring to or researching laws and regulations applicable in the area.

Table Of Content:

5. Upazila Map of Bangladesh
Upazila Map of BangladeshBangladesh - Upazila Map বাংলাদেশ - উপজেলা মানচিত্র ( click the map for larger version) Related Map: District Map of Bangladesh ...

9. Bangladesh - Wikipedia
Bangladesh - WikipediaBangladesh officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia. It is the ... There are 64 districts in Bangladesh, each further subdivided into upazila (subdistricts) or thana. The area within each ... World map, indicating where the Bangladeshi UN peacekeeping force is stationed. Map of Bangladesh UN ...

  • Source: Google.
  • What type of map is this?

    This is an administrative map of Bangladesh and it illustrates the divisions that make up each district, upazila, and union.

    How can this map help users?

    This map can be used to determine which district a certain area belongs to. Additionally, it can be used as a reference when researching applicable laws and regulations in that area.

    Is this information kept up-to-date?

    Yes, this map is updated periodically to ensure accuracy with the latest administrative changes.

    Can I use this map in other countries?

    No, this particular map applies only to Bangladesh. For other countries please refer to their own maps and administrative divisions accordingly.

    Are there any additional resources available related to this map?

    Yes, there are many resources available online related to administrative divisions in Bangladesh as well as detailed maps of each region.

    This Bangladesh map thana wise provides an excellent overview of the country's individual districts, upazilas, and unions and is especially helpful for those researching laws and regulations applicable in specific areas. It can also be used by individuals visiting different regions in order to better understand its boundaries.


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