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Bangladesh Public Holidays

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh public holidays offer citizens, families and visitors the opportunity to experience many of the country's cultural and historic events. These holidays provide an important break from daily life and a chance to reflect on how each person is connected to the wider world and its customs. Public holidays in Bangladesh are a mixture of religious festivals, national observances, and commemorations to celebrate notable figures, events or organizations.

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2. National Holidays in Bangladesh in 2021 | Office Holidays
National Holidays in Bangladesh in 2021 | Office HolidaysBangladesh Upcoming Holidays · Eid-ul-Azha · Eid-ul-Azha Holiday · Eid-ul-Azha Holiday · National Mourning Day · Ashura · Janmashtami · Eid-ul-Azha · Eid-ul- Azha ...

3. Holidays and observances in Bangladesh in 2021
Holidays and observances in Bangladesh in 2021Feb 17, Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, Optional Holiday. Feb 21, Sunday, Language Martyrs' Day, Public Holiday. Feb 27, Saturday, Maghi Purnima, Optional ...

6. Bank Holidays
All Banks and Financial Institutes of Bangladesh are closed on all Fridays and Saturdays and for the following holiday observances in the year of 2021: ...

8. Bangladesh Official, Public and National Holidays |
National Holidays of Bangladesh · Shahid Dibash (Language Martyrs' Day) – 2015-02-21 · Shadhinota Dibôsh (Independence Day) – 2015-03-26 · Pôhela ...

9. Public Holidays in Bangladesh in 2021 - ExcelNotes
Public Holidays in Bangladesh in 2021 - ExcelNotesThe following is the list of public holidays in Bangladesh in 2021. Holiday, Date, Weekday, Note. Language Movement Day, Feb 21, 2021, Sunday, Public Holiday.

10. - Bangladesh Public Holidays 2021 - Bangladesh Public Holidays 2021This page contains a national calendar of all 2021 public holidays for Bangladesh. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please ...

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  • What are some important Bangladesh public holidays?

    The main national observance days in Bangladesh are Independence Day (March 26th), Victory Day (December 16th) and Language Martyrs' Day (February 21st). Other important public holidays include Pahela Baishakh - Bengali New Year (April 14th or 15th), Eid Al-Fitr (end of Ramadan), Ashura/Muharram/Id-ul-Azha (August 11th or 12th) and Durga Puja/Dussehra (October 18th or 19th).

    Does Bangladesh observe religious public holidays?

    Yes, many of the Bangladeshi public holidays are Islamic festivals such as Eid Al-Fitr and Ashura/Muharram/Id-ul-Azha. Other religious holidays include Christmas Day(December 25th) for Christians, Buddha Purnima for Buddhists, Pohela Boishakh for Hindus as well as Magh Bihu which is observed by both Hindus and Muslims alike.

    Are there any recreational activities related to Bangladeshi public holidays?

    Many of the Bangladeshi public holidays involve traditional celebration activities like sports competitions, parades, fairs, feasts and fireworks. During major festivals like Pahela Baishakh – Bengali New Year – people gather in parks dressed in colorful attire singing songs and dancing contemporary performances.

    Are there official days off work for employees during Bangladeshi public holidays?

    Yes, most commonly employees get a day off work on all national observance days plus one or two additional days if it coincides with weekends or other designated rest days. Everyone is also encouraged to take part in religious festivals as they deem fit regardless of their faith affiliation while employers may allow staff time off during special occasions such as weddings or engagements.

    Bangladeshi public holidays offer locals and visitors an insight into the culture of its inhabitants while providing a much needed respite from their daily lives. With a mix of national observances that commemorate events foundational to its independence as well Islamic religious festivities that bring people together regardless of creed there’s something for everyone – whether participating in traditional activities or simply taking it easy at home with family members.


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