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Bangladesh Rupee

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh rupee is the national currency of Bangladesh, which is divided into 100 paisa. This currency has been in circulation since June 12, 1972 and the current form was adopted from 2005 onwards. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the Bangladesh Bank.

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1. Bangladeshi taka - Wikipedia
Bangladeshi taka - WikipediaThe Bangladeshi taka (Bengali: টাকা, sign: ৳, code: BDT, short form: Tk) is the currency of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. In Unicode, it is encoded at  ...

6. Bangladesh Bank Exchange Rates
Exchange rates of Taka for inter-bank and customer transactions are set by the dealer banks, based on demand-supply interaction. Bangladesh Bank (BB) is not  ...

8. Currency Note
Currency NoteBangladesh Bank has the sole authority to issue banknotes in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank, like other central banks the world over, changes the design of  ...

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  • What does "BDT" stand for?

    BDT stands for Bangladeshi taka, which is the official name of the Bangladeshi rupee.

    What are the denominations of Bangladesh rupees?

    Paper money comes in five denominations – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 notes; while coins come in five denominations – 1 poisha (paisa), 5 poisha (paisa), 10 poisha (paisa), 25 poisha (paisa) and 50 poisha (paisa).

    How do I find out the exchange rate for Bangladeshi taka?

    You can check up-to-date exchange rates by visiting websites such as Oanda or XE as well as local banks in Bangladesh.

    The Bangladeshi rupee continues to be an important part of the daily lives of people living in Bangladesh, with millions of transactions taking place each day. Issued and regulated by the country's central bank, this currency provides a reliable medium for conducting business transactions across Bangladesh.


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