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Bangladesh Tea Board

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Bangladesh Tea Board is a government agency responsible for regulating and promoting tea production in Bangladesh. The Board has been instrumental in developing a system to ensure the economic stability of tea growers, while also providing access to tea markets both domestic and abroad.The Board is also actively involved in research and development activities, helping Bangladeshi tea farmers increase their yields and quality.

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  • What does the Bangladesh Tea Board do?

    The Bangladesh Tea Board is responsible for regulating and promoting tea production in Bangladesh. The board ensures that tea growers have access to stable markets, both domestically and abroad, and provides research and development support to help them improve their yields and quality.

    How does the Bangladesh Tea Board promote tea production?

    The Board works with stakeholders such as government bodies, private companies, financial institutions, NGOs, etc., to create an enabling environment for the growth of tea sector in Bangladesh. It also provides technical guidance on various aspects of tea production such as land use optimization, soil fertility management, pest control, etc.

    What kind of research projects are supported by the Bangladesh Tea Board?

    The board provides professional guidance on research initiatives related to improving crop productivity, enhancing post-harvest processing techniques, increasing farmer’s income through value addition activities like organic certification etc. It is actively involved in providing innovative solutions through continuous R&D activities including agronomy experiments at its various Research Stations across the country.

    Does the BangladeshTea Board offer any other services?

    Yes! In addition to providing support for research initiatives related to tea production, the board also offers marketing assistance to Bangladeshi tea producers so they can gain better access to international markets; it also coordinates educational programs aimed at training workers in modern methods of cultivation and handling equipment; finally it provides financial advice on different programs offered by local banks or other credit agencies which are beneficial for getting loans or other forms of financial assistance for smallholder farmers.

    The goal of the Bangladesh Tea Board is to foster sustainable growth within this important industry by offering guidance through research initiatives as well as connecting farmers with stable markets both domestically and abroad. By doing so they hope to continue creating a more equitable system that will benefit all parties involved.


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