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Bangladeshi Nid Card

By Hafsa Binte Omar

The Bangladeshi National Identity Card (NID) is an essential form of identification for citizens in Bangladesh. It serves as a form of national identity proof and also allows individuals to register for different government-related programs and access various public services. It is issued by the Election Commission of Bangladesh and contains biometric data such as fingerprints and an image of the holder’s face.

Table Of Content:

1. National Id Card
National Id CardNew Voter Registration: Updating of voter list is an ongoing process. For the year 2015, if you are a Bangladeshi citizen, frequently lived in an area and before ...

2. Bangladesh NID Application System
Citizens who do not have an NID, can apply for a new NID. Those who have already applied but have not received the NID card yet, can register the account and ...

4. হোম
Election Commission Bangladesh. হোম · নতুন নিবন্ধন · রেজিষ্টার · লগইন · সাধারন জিজ্ঞাসা · ডাউনলোড  ...

6. ভোটার তথ্য
Election Commission Bangladesh. হোম · নতুন নিবন্ধন · রেজিষ্টার · লগইন · সাধারন জিজ্ঞাসা · ডাউনলোড  ...

7. Consulate General of Bangladesh
Consulate General of BangladeshWelcome. The Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York provides consular services to expatriate Bangladeshi community and foreign nationals residing in its ...

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  • What information does a Bangladeshi NID card include?

    A Bangladeshi NID card includes biometric data such as fingerprints and an image of the holder’s face, along with other personal information like name, address, date of birth, gender, and place of birth.

    Is the Bangladeshi NID necessary?

    Yes, the Bangladeshi NID is necessary for a variety of reasons. It serves as proof of citizenship and enables individuals to access public services and other government related programs. In addition, it can be used to vote in elections as well as authenticate access to banking systems.

    How do I obtain a Bangladeshi NID?

    To obtain a National Identity Card from Bangladesh you must fill out an application form available at local government offices or online on the Election Commission website. The form must be accompanied by valid supporting documents such as your birth certificate or your current passport with valid visa stamps from any country which has issued an acceptable passport visa stamp.

    Is there a cost associated with obtaining a Bangladeshi NID?

    Yes, there is a fee associated with obtaining a new or renewed National Identity Card in Bangladesh. The current fee rate is/was 250 Taka (roughly 3USD). Payment can usually be made at local government offices where applications are submitted.

    The Bangladeshi National Identity Card (NID) plays an important role in ensuring that only legitimate citizens are able to access essential services provided by the Government of Bangladesh. It provides citizens with both identity proof and access to important bureaucratic processes such as voting in elections or applying for different types of public assistance programs. Obtaining one requires submitting an application form along with supporting documents and paying fees upfront, however this small inconvenience ensures greater security within the nation's borders.


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