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Bank Interest Rate In Bangladesh

By Hafsa Binte Omar

This article explains the bank interest rates in Bangladesh. It outlines the different types of banking products available, their associated interest rates, and the factors to consider when selecting the best option for a particular situation. It also includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for further guidance.

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3. Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh BankThe government of Bangladesh has announced the commemoration of ... Mr. Fazle Kabir Honorable Governor of Bangladesh Bank. more. ... Special Repo Rate.

5. Weighted Average Rate of Interest on Deposits and Advances
Interest Rate Spread (Overall), Interest Rate Spread (Excl. Credit Card) ... Sl No, Name of Banks, W. Avg. Deposits, W. Avg. Advances, Spread, W. Avg. ... 35, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, 1.68, 8.04, 6.36, 1.68, 7.94, 6.26, 1.68, 7.87, 6.19.

8. Bangladesh: Selected Issues; IMF Country Report No. 16/28 ...
Jan 5, 2016 ... Average bank lending rates and interest rate spreads in Bangladesh are not high by international standards. Though interest rates have declined ...

10. Albania, Algeria, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia ...
Nov 3, 2020 ... The Survey on Interest Rate Controls 2020 was conducted as a World Bank Group study on interest rate controls (IRCs) in lending and deposit ...

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  • What is the current rate of interest offered by banks in Bangladesh?

    Generally speaking, banks in Bangladesh offer fixed deposit accounts with an interest rate ranging from 0.75% to 4%, depending on the tenure and amount of deposit. Savings accounts are often offered with lesser rates of return, while investment-related products may earn higher returns up to 13.5%.

    How are the interests calculated?

    Interests are usually calculated either on monthly basis or daily basis and credited accordingly into the account of the customer at regular intervals such as six months or once a year.

    Is there any minimum balance requirement for opening an account?

    Yes, most banks require a minimum balance of between BDT 5,000 - 10,000, although some may ask for higher amounts depending on the type of product being sought after.

    Are there any other fees associated with operating an account?

    Most likely yes; some banks may charge maintenance fees or transactions charges upon certain transactions made from each account holder's resources. Be sure to thoroughly review your contract prior to signing it so that you will be aware of all fees applicable before doing business with them.

    Are there ways to save more through banking products in Bangladesh?

    Yes – many Banks offer higher returns on select products such as Upto deposits and Kishor deposits which can provide customers with greater returns than regular saving accounts without restrictions on withdrawals during desired times throughout an agreementperiod 

    Bank interest rates in Bangladesh vary depending on various factors such as tenure length and amount depositedinto each product type. Before committing to any banking product, be sure to check out all terms mentioned within contracts carefully along with researching what other offerings are available from different providers to ensure that potential customers get maximum value from their investment.


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