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Bank Levy Laws By State Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants

By Hafsa Binte Omar

A bank levy is a legal action that allows creditors, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to collect a debt from a debtor's bank account. Each state has their own laws governing the responsibilities of banks when facing a bank levy by a creditor. These laws include regulations on how much money can be taken from an account and when funds are returned to the account holder.

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  • What happens when my bank receives a bank levy?

    When your bank receives notification of a bank levy, it is required to freeze all available funds in your account and hold them until instructed otherwise by the levying authority. Depending on the state and the levying authority, this could include deposits made prior to receiving notification of the levy as well as funds that have been deposited after notification was received.

    How long can my bank withhold my funds during a Levy?

    The length of time that your bank can withhold your funds will depend on the laws in your state. Most states have laws that require banks to release any funds frozen during a levy within seven days of receiving notification from the creditor. However, some states may allow banks to hold funds for up to 30 days before releasing them back to you.

    Can I get access to my frozen funds during a Levy?

    Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to access some or all of your frozen funds during an active bank levy if you are able to prove that withholding those specific funds would cause undue financial hardship for yourself or any other parties affected by the court order.

    Bank levies are serious legal actions and it is important for individuals facing these levies understand their rights under their particular state’s law. It is also essential that individuals act quickly and contact appropriate legal resources if they feel their rights have been violated or they think they may be facing an unjustified levy attempt.


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