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Chemistry Olympiad

By Hafsa Binte Omar

The Chemistry Olympiad is an international competition that tests student’s skills in both theoretical and practical chemistry. It was established in 1968 and has been held annually since then. Students from all over the world compete to hone their knowledge and develop a true understanding of chemistry.

Chemistry Olympiad
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6. IChO 2021 JAPAN
IChO 2021 JAPANThe 53rd International Chemistry Olympiads will take place in Osaka from 24st July to 2nd August 2019. You will find here all the needed information to follow ...

JPH CHEMISTRY OLYMPIADUSA Chem Camp and Online Class. Professor ... Professor Huang sent five(5) of his students to 2018 US Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp! Brendan Yap won a ...

10. The International Chemistry Olympiads in Paris - IChO 2019
The International Chemistry Olympiads in Paris - IChO 2019The 51st International Chemistry Olympiads will take place in Paris from 21st to 30th July 2019. You will find here all the needed information to follow the ...

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  • What is the goal of the Chemistry Olympiad?

    The primary goal of the Chemistry Olympiad is to foster interest in chemistry among high school students and to encourage young people to pursue careers in chemistry-related fields.

    Who can participate in the Chemistry Olympiad?

    Any student currently enrolled in high school, age 16 or older, can participate in the Chemistry Olympiad provided they are nationals or permanent residents of their country of residence.

    How do I register for the Chemistry Olympiad?

    Registration must be completed through your respective country’s National Committee for Chemists (NCC). You should contact them for more information about registration.

    Is there a fee associated with participating in the Chemistry Olympiad?

    Yes, each participant must pay a registration fee when registering through their NCC. This fee varies by country, so you should contact your NCC for more details.

    What format do candidates take the test in?

    The test consists of both a written theory exam followed by lab work involving several experiments. All competitors must attend both parts of the competition.

    Participating in the Chemistry Olympiad is an excellent way to challenge yourself and further develop your knowledge of chemistry while competing against other talented students from around the world. By taking part, you may also get closer to achieving your dreamed career goals!


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