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Citibank Online

By Hafsa Binte Omar

Citibank online is a service offered by Citibank that allows customers to securely access their banking accounts and perform transactions without having to visit a branch of the bank. Through Citibank online, customers can manage their finances at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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1. Online Banking, Mortgages, Personal Loans, Investing
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5. Citi: Global Investment Bank and Financial Services
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6. Citi Commercial Cards
CITI, CITI and Arc Design, CITIBANK and CITIGROUP are trademarks and service marks of Citigroup Inc. or its affiliates and are used and registered throughout ...

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  • How do I access my Citibank online account?

    You can access your Citibank online account through the Citibank website or through their mobile app. To log in, you'll need your username and password which were provided when you opened your account.

    What types of transactions can I complete on the Citibank online portal?

    Through the Citibank online portal, you can check balances, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, set up direct deposits, view statements and use other services such as ATM locators and foreign exchange rates.

    Are my financial information and transactions secure on Citibank online?

    Yes. All financial information is protected by 128-bit encryption technology to ensure maximum security for all customer transactions. Additionally all customer data is stored securely on an isolated cloud-based server which provides enhanced protection against unauthorised access.

    Citibank online is a convenient and secure way to manage your banking needs without having to visit a branch of the bank. With its easy-to-use platform and powerful security features, it makes managing your finances easier than ever before.


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