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Deduction Meaning In Bengali

By Hafsa Binte Omar

চুক্তিতে লেখা "Deduction" ৩০০ রুপি হ'ল। Deduction ব্যবহৃত Word- Bangladesh Tax Law Context-e Refers to withholding of tax from a taxpayer’s income or salary at source.

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4. deduction Meaning in Bengali at
deduction Meaning in Bengali at english-bangla.comdeduction /noun/ বিয়োগ, স্বিদ্ধা্‌ন্ত, অবরোহ. NEW. × ... Bangla Academy Dictionary: ... Share 'deduction' with others: ...

6. deducted Meaning in Bengali at
Word: Phrases, Idioms & A. prep. deducted /verb/ বাদ দেত্তয়া; ব্যবকলন করা; বিয়োগ করা; SYNONYM leave out; subtract; deduct;.

7. DEDUCTION Meaning in bengali English, DEDUCTION in bengali ...
Deduction Sentences in English · कटौती = amount tax deductions · कटौती = process deductions from your pay for tax, pension contributions, etc.

8. Deduction Meaning in Bengali - Deduction English to Bangla translate
What deduction means? How do you use the word deduction? What is another word for deduction? What is the opposite of deduction? Bangla Academy Dictionary ...

9. DEDUCT Meaning in bengali English, DEDUCT in bengali, bengali ...
DEDUCT meaning in bengali, DEDUCT pictures, DEDUCT pronunciation, DEDUCT translation,DEDUCT definition are included in the result of DEDUCT ...

10. Deduction Meaning In Bengali - বাঙালি অর্থ ...
"Deduction" Meaning In Bengali. "Deduction" বাংলা অনুবাদ, অর্থ, সংজ্ঞা, ব্যাখ্যা এবং প্রাসঙ্গিক শব্দ এবং ...

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  • Conclusion:
    Deduction under Bangladesh's Tax law is mandated for all taxpayers and employers who are obliged to deduct 300 taka from their employees’ salaries at source according to the regulations set out by the government of Bangladesh unless such employee has been exempted for some specific circumstances and cases laid down by law.


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