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Mediclaim Insurance

By Hafsa Binte Omar

MediClaim Insurance is an insurance policy that provides protection to individuals and families against medical expenses incurred due to hospitalisation, critical illness or any other health related emergencies. It covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses, covers in-patient treatment, daycare treatments etc. MediClaim policy helps in protecting the family’s financial stability by covering the huge medical bills.

Mediclaim Insurance
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  • What are some of the benefits of having a MediClaim Policy?

    Some of the benefits of having a MediClaim Policy would be : • Coverage for pre and post hospitalisation expenses. • Coverage for in-patient treatment, daycare treatments etc. • Coverage for common illnesses like fever, diarrhea etc. • Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

    Who can buy a Medi Claim Insurance?

    Any individual between 18 years - 65 years of age can purchase a Medi Claim Insurance policy for self or family members.

    Is there an upper limit on the amount that can be claimed from a Medi Claim Policy?

    Yes, typically most policies have an upper limit on the amount that can be claimed from it but this may differ depending upon the insurer and the type of policy purchased by you.

    Is there a waiting period applicable to availing benefits of a Medial Claim Insurance?

    Yes, typically most policies have a waiting period after which one can avail benefits and this varies depending upon insurer and type of policy chosen by you.

    A Mediclaim Policy is an essential part of planning your finances as it ensures financial security in case you suffer from any kind of major illness or injury or if any unforeseen medical expense arises due to any health-related emergency. Buying a mediclaim insurance policy gives peace of mind to both you and your family when it comes to healthcare financing needs.


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